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F-14D Felix 101 Die Cast Model

F-14D Felix 101 Die Cast Model

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The wait is over! Our F-14D Tomcat "Felix 101" model has hit the shelves! Complete with detailed markings and specs, this model will be the perfect addition to your home or office! This model is part of the Postage Stamp Model series.

This model represents F-14D Tomcat, BuNo 164603 the last F-14 Tomcat in US Navy Service. October 4, 2006 "Felix 101" completed its 14 years of service with VF-31 "Tomcatters" callsign "Felix" on board of CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt making the final flight by a Navy F-14 from NAS Oceana to Republic Airport, in Farmingdale, New York.

Model is approximately 4 3/4 inches long with 2 7/8 inch wingspan. Wings are stationary. Adult Collectible ages 14+

The F-14 Tomcat® is a supersonic, long-range, high-endurance interceptor fighter aircraft operated by the US Navy as their primary air superiority fighter and to defend its carrier battle groups against anti-ship missiles. The F-14 has a two-seat cockpit with a bubble canopy that affords all-round visibility. It features variable geometry wings that swing automatically between 20° and 68° during flight. For high-speed intercept, they are swept back and they swing forward for lower speed flight and landing.

The real aircraft is on display at Cradle of Aviation Museum!

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